Steering Conversion


 For over 30 years, American Vehicle Sales have been offering right hand drive full steering conversions for American Cars and Trucks to Australia. In this time we have moved with the trends, changes and technology that come with the conversion process of a vehicle from left hand to right hand drive. As a result, this allows us to deliver a high-class quality of vehicle conversion to our customers.


We provide right hand drive steering conversions to customers in Australia. Also serving the global market to supply vehicles to customers that also need drive Right Hand vehicles around the world.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on maintaining our customer satisfaction during your purchase and driving experience.
The conversion process plays a major part in this.


Major changes take place during the right hand drive conversion. It’s not just a matter of swapping a steering wheel over.

Our right hand drive processes begins with the removal of the vehicles interior, along with the front end sheet metal, radiator and head lights. As well as grille and bumper. As each part is removed it is safely stored in a protective, purposely designed storage system.


Once the vehicle has been prepared, our trained staff then install a range of specially designed jigs to validate the original vehicle. This ensures each vehicle is built to the same high standard. Consistency is key to ensure both a professional finish and ISO accredited uniformity of production.

A series of production jigs are then used during the process.

These Jigs do vary from model to model, however they all serve the same purpose of aligning key parts. These include steering, firewall, dashboard frame and air conditioning to name a few.

We take great care in our Right Hand Drive Conversion design process. Ensuring that the end use of our completed vehicles either matches or exceeds on the factory units where possible.


American Vehicle Sales only supply full steering right hand drive conversions.

We do not use any linkages or chains to join left to right.

We apply many changes during our right hand drive conversion. These include: A New dash, Wiring loom, Heater unit and right hand sweep wipers. As well as seat and window control panels, rear vision mirror re-alignment and metric dash gauges. As a result, the final product meets or exceeds the finish of the original factory units.

Our right hand drive dash housings are totally new. We do not “cut and shut” the old plastic dash. “Cutting and Shutting” involves cutting an original left hand drive dash into sections. Then plastic welding and gluing it back together. As a result, such a product often does not fair well over time on our harsh Australian roads.

Also, our one piece right hand drive dash housing is designed for Australian conditions. As well as a factory type finish while retaining driver ergonomics with the steering wheel centralized to the drivers position.

Furthermore, our vehicle steering conversions team consists of specialists in welding, fiberglass and sheet metal. As well as auto elec, motor mechanics and pattern making.


In addition to holding Full Manufacturer approval, American Vehicle Sales is a Registered Automotive Workshop and New Low Volume holder. Importantly we hold current compliance and meet or exceed Australian Design Rules. The following are just a few of the many items installed. Keep in mind, these items may vary from model to model:

  • Australian compliant headlight system
  • New Dashboard (manufactured in house). We do not re use and/or use the old dash
  • New right hand drive power steering is installed. It uses General Motors steering arms for ease of service life
  • Full windscreen wiper conversion to allow the wipers to sweep to the right hand side
  • Australian Design Rule Compliant safety belts (front and rear) and Australian compliant child seat anchorages where applicable
  • New windscreen in compliance with Australian Standards
  • Re-manufactured air conditioning system
  • Australian Standards immobilization system fitted
  • Original engine bay insulation is added to for a quieter ride.
  • New side indicators fitted.
  • New tyres fitted in accordance with manufacturer specification
  • Metric functions such as Temp, oil pressure and Speedo.
  • Exterior mirrors are re aligned to allow for the driver who now sits on the right hand side.
  • Window switch controls converted to allow original function for the driver
  • Center console lids are converted to allow easy access by the driver where possible.
  • Also a range of minor new parts and purpose designed components are installed


Importantly, American Vehicle Sales utilize many forms of modern technology. This includes 3D digital scanning and computer aided design. As well as both printed and molded production of parts. Our advanced design and production process ensures you get a factory finish product designed to last the distance.

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