The 2017 Chevy Silverado Duramax Upgrade

The Chev Silverado Duramax is built for the rugged Australian Conditions and covered by a local warranty, providing peace of mind.

Powered by the V8 diesel engine, which has a massive 297kw and 1,037nm or torque. A big increase on last years figures. These trucks deliver. Coupled with the Allison 6 speed auto, a purpose designed box designed for heavy use, towing vans, boats and heavy trailers with ease.

Equally important to the engine and auto, is the rear axle. Being known for its strength, the Chev Silverado’s rear end is fitted with the durable Eaton automatic locking diff. Usually, most vehicles allow only one rear wheel to spin. The Chev Silverado automatically detects this spin and correspondingly locks a the spinning wheel in and provides traction.

As shown above there have been some huge power increases. These gains have been achieved in a number of ways, most obviously with the addition of the new air intake system, the scoop that can be seen on top of the bonnet. This uniquely designed intake allows the vehicle to select a blend of cooler external air or warm engine bay air – increasing efficiency and power.

The new engine comes with stronger rods,  pistons and crank along with a new new turbo. This turbo provides more boost and less lag than before. Contact the team at American Vehicle Sale for more information.

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